About Topeka.net

Topeka.net is Topeka's information and connection utility, and while it may not be as essential to life as gas or electricity, it is striving to become a necessity for Topekans wanting to live the good life.

Much like other utility companies, Topeka.net's primary goal is to provide a vital service - in this case, connecting Topekans with the information they need to navigate their busy lives.

Already on Topeka.net, users can find new restaurants on Food+Flicks, preview the city's numerous parks on Unwind, scope out the local bar scene and nightlife on SPLASH! and explore the city's faith communities on Holy Ground.

And we are just getting started at Topeka.net.

In the coming months, we will develop other information and connection channels.

While other local media (newspapers, television, radio) do a great job of keeping everyone informed about the news of the day, Topeka.net's aim is to deliver information you won't find anywhere else and do it in a more dynamic and interactive way.

So check back often as Topeka.net continues to evolve and creates valuable information channels that reach new segments of our community. In the end, Topeka.net is about the people of Topeka - passionate hard-working people, young creative people, students, parents, business owners, retirees, everyone.

Topeka.net is one part of a community whose vitality is important to everyone.

Topeka.net is as much your information and connection utility as it is ours. Never hesitate to let us know what you think, what you'd like to see, what's wrong, what you like. Your opinions and input will literally shape the direction in which Topeka.net develops.

The future of Topeka is exciting. We look forward to connecting Topekans with information that will enrich their lives.


Jeff Davis
Director of Innovation
(785) 295-5650
twitter: @senator_davis